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on communities sharing their agriculture

here's a quick pic of our veggie share from our CSA last week. no no, not the Confederate States of America or the Canadien Space Agency or even the California Society of Anesthesiologists, but Community-Supported Agriculture. because we're hippie-dippie over here. and we like to try new things. and eat a lot of lettuce, you'll see. 

i am quite certain that the half-share is enough for me and my roommate, A. i am also quite certain that the insane amount of lettuce is going to continue as today's scheduled pick up includes more lettuce, more kale, and the addition of spinach, cress and garlic scapes (wtf is garlic scapes!?).

did you know that radishes are spicy? bizarre. i am now well aware of why i didn't eat radishes before. thank god we aren't receiving more radishes today.

i had to google-research scallions last week because i didnt really know how to use those and all i found was this:

(taken from the nibble.com)

and this:

for. real. scallions are for making weird vegetable puppets. talk about playing with your food.

and when you google-research scapes, the all-mighty powers that be ask if you mean scabies. uh no, i did not mean scabies. you can google-image that one yourself to figure out the difference. gross. they did not ask if i meant professor snape, which i feel may be a more accurate comparison to scapes. apparently scapes are good friends with the washington post and enjoy being made into pesto sauces. i'll report back, potentially with pictures, maybe with puppets.


mspanda said...

i think scapes are the top of the plant...garlic scapes are what grow out of the garlic bulb if you let it. i think?

why is this a thing you get in your csa?

miss bee said...

omg, actually, i made a super hummus-eqsue white bean/scape dip the other night. will post the recipe soonish!

not sure why they put it in the csa, but they do. two weeks in a row. S says you can make awesome pesto with it. A says it just tastes like regular garlic stuffs.

Carolyn said...

I second the awesome pesto answer. The Washington Post recipe worked well for me.