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Becoming Buddha in 30 Days or Less

 "i think the carebears are supremely enlightened little yogis." -S.


animal hoarding

dear neighbor,

i am sorry to hear that your dog(s?) have fleas. that sucks.

i understand that a six-pack of Advantix costs nearly $100. times two for a full year, times the six dogs you own, that's a hefty $1,200 a year on flea prevention. that's a lot. i get that.

i understand that the recession sucks and it's hard to find jobs and i also understand that you can't really hold down a job anyway due to personal reasons.

what i don't understand is the fact that you think that leaving your dogs outside on the deck in the pouring rain while they alternately bark and whine to be let into the nice warm house is somehow getting rid of the fleas.

it's called a flea bath and it doesn't cost a grand a year to keep up.

it's also called not animal hoarding.

i understand that you rescued all of your dogs. that is really great. it really is. we too chose to rescue. but to rescue your dogs only to leave them whining in the pouring rain is not that much higher of a step up in life.

for real.

also, allowing them to bark incessantly is not just not neighborly, it's cruel.


reduce, reuse, but don't even think about recycling

i live in the woods. i get it. but i also get that it is 2011. i can look up the square root of eleventy on the phone in my pocket. what i cannot do is recycle weekly.

yes, that's right. my recycling gets picked up curbside ONCE a MONTH. boo. hiss. but at least the borough gave us GIANT buckets for recycling. the better to jam a months worth of containers into.

but alas, woe is us and we only received three (3) containers. which unfortunately will only take care of my recyclable gas because unlike the rest of the entire milky way universe i have to separate my clear glass from my brown glass from my green glass. is it 1992? what? even the city of philadelphia managed to get its shit together enough to allow commingling of everything. so much for single stream. i have eleventy billion recycle streams here.

also to separate - plastics 1 vs. plastics 2  and aluminum vs tin.

and not recyclable? any other plastic or ANY PLASTIC EVEN 1s AND 2s NOT IN A BOTTLE FORM.


things i have to THROW AWAY:
*yogurt containers
*certain plastic juice containers (arizona iced tea jugs and simply lemonade for example)
*microwave plastic food trays (Bee's lunches when i'm not around)
*takeaway plastic food trays (we don't get these a lot, but sometimes)
*plastic lids of any kind
*junk mail

things i have to hoard and then pile into the car and drive over to the recycling center (which is only open for three specific hours during the entire week) to recycle:

and unfortunately we're having some trouble with the cardboard because the current format for collecting it is apparently causing "clutter" in our house and giving Bee a hernia. so most of our cardboard ends up in the garbage anyway.

i hate myself so hard every time i throw a yogurt container away. i am not even kidding.  i die a little bit inside every time.

if you search for reviews of the company, there's some fucking crazy lady who bashes everyone who complains about the ridiculousness of recycling only 1 & 2 bottles by bringing up gas prices and telling everyone to get off their high horses and to lower their recycling standards.

get with the times, dville. fucking recycle. and that means everything. no excuse.