a suburban-city girl stumbling her way through central PA.


Ain't No Toof-fairy Up In Here

I guess I can't really be too pissed off about someone (coughcoughUSPS) stealing Doogie's Christmas present in December. I mean, at least it wasn't something REALLY important, you know, like teeth. Poor Laperriere.

As an aside, I feel like vomiting all over the world every time I see that Soles For Souls outtakes video because all I can think about is how completely disgusting it would feel to have your teeth knocked out by a fucking puck. I really think I can't write much more about this because I am going to hurl all over this desk.

Also THIS:
"When you're 20 years old and you lose some teeth, it's OK, now you look like a hockey player. But when you are 36, it's not so cool."
I'm going to go with "not-so-cool" all the time. My freshman year boyfriend once had his teeth knocked out from him and his friends throwing hangers at each other. We were 18. Right. Not so cool.


Black With Pink Ribbon

recently on facebook, someone decided that all the girls of the facebook world should post the color of their bra in their status without saying anything to all the boys in the facebook room and let the boys wonder what all the random colors meant.  it was meant to raise awareness of breast cancer.

look, i've got nothing against awareness and i've blamed drew's cancer a whole bunch, but let me say this: boys stink at paying attention to details. maybe it's just my boy, but he's awful at that photo hunt game at the bar. really awful. even when he's focused on paying attention, he's just not that good. he doesn't really notice if my hair is black or brown or red. i'm not really sure many other boys notice that kind of thing either. did we really think that colors in our facebook stati were going to get all the boys to think about breast cancer?  and what do we care about boys wondering what's going on with bra colors? is this about being coy and acting all "ZOMG, everybody knows my bra color!"? or is it about awareness?

because even though i got the chain-message about the bra thing from multiple friends, i didn't really think about cancer all that much yesterday, depsite it being all up in my facebook.

it wasn't until after yoga class last night, when i was talking with Doogie that he said he spent 12 hours yesterday cutting out bobbies and making new ones out of a woman's back fat. 

after some research, i pretty sure he spent the day performing (or helping perform) latissimus dorsi flaps. or something. i don't know, i'm not a doctor.  but apparently, after they cut out your boobies, they can give you new ones using your back fat.  i'm confused a little bit, because then what happens to your back?  but i guess they make noses out of butt fat too.  right? isn't that what michael jackson did?

anyway, he assured me that her back and new boobs looked fine.  wanna know the amazing part though?  they don't just cut out the fat from one side of you and scoop onto the front of you with an ice cream scoop or anything. they have to keep the tissue alive and maybe keep some of that stuff like blood veins or whatever alive and pumping so the fat tissue actually STAY INSIDE YOU while they swish it from your back to your front. HOW F'ING GROSS DOES THAT SOUND? it sounds really flippin' gross. it sounds really cool too, but i dont think i'll watch the surgery channel for that one.

so if we're going to raise some awareness around here, let's talk about latissimus dorsi flaps. it's a little more englightening than not keeping victoria's secret, wouldn't you say?


Okay 2000s

Having heard this song in the car on the way up to North Jersey for some celebratory champion New Years Eve-ery, I can officially say that this was the best dang song of the decade. Oh, yes. Just try to get this song out of your head for the rest of the day.