a suburban-city girl stumbling her way through central PA.


let me say two things.

well, first, let me say two things. then i'll say some more.

one - i like to say a lot of things. i like to think that i am right. i am twentysomething; i believe that is what we do. we think we are smarter than everyone else.

two - i hate to retract things that i say. even if they were stupid.

but sadly, i must retract part of my last entry.

you see, i left DC for a lot of reasons. one of the reasons i really made fun of everybody was because of their crackberries and their agendas and their needs to be connected to everything at every time. like obama text messages at 2am. or something equally as lame.

and i associate people with agendas with people with blackberries and the like, because really? who needs email on their phone?

i am a simple phone folk. i want my phone to call people. i also want text messaging capabilities. but that is all. i dont need a shitty-pixeled camera, or shake-to-shuffle ipod technology, or GPS or email on my phone. just a phone. all you people with your pixelated camera, shakey ipod shuffling, email receiving crazy phones, you can take your agendas to DC and have a grand 'ole time checking your email at the bar. woohoo. for me, no thank you.


and what do i get today at work? one of those damn new fangled phones with email. thanks, thanks new university job for making me feel agenda'ed. i also already have a breakfast meeting scheduled two weeks from now into my stupid email/schedule/camera/thing that sometimes will make a phone call or two. awesome.

so i must retract.

welcome to my newfound agenda'ed philly lifestyle.



jane jacobs knows cities. it was kind of her thing. jane jacobs didn't love DC the way she loved philly or new york. people live here, work here, play here. people spend their lives here and they die here. there are cafes next to churches and apartments and hardware stores. sure, people live and die in DC, but it's different. DC is a fake city with a fake vibrance. everyone has an agenda. and the ones without agendas in DC hate the ones that do. every city has its corruption, but DC wallows in it. but philly? philly loves cheese steaks, rocky balboa, and the phils. who could possibly be a hater?

philadelphia is my home. welcome back to the city of brotherly love, the city that loves you back, where it's more fun to sleep over. (and it's always more fun to sleep over).

welcome to my foundation, my existence, my core creation, my attitude. welcome, my friends, to the b-side.

no one stands on the left and stops in the middle of the sidewalk to take a picture of the Disney-Chinatown arch. Well, maybe they do; but at least this chinatown has that real, dirty fishy smell of a chinatown that has, you know, chinese restaurants and bubble tea. and the best damn dimsum in the city is actually IN the city, not out in bethesda.

the coozery, i'm sure, will continue...

so with that, here i am.

new beginnings.
new name.
new layout.
new... me?