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i love you turkey, i love you other things

you love turkey.  i love turkey.  tomorrow is a day to be thankful for turkeys.  i am thankful that i am not a vegetarian, so that i can partake in the turkey.  and because it's not thanksgiving without a hand turkey, i now present to you, circa 1992, with a dash of 2005 college photoshop work, my thanksgiving wishes to each and every one of you:

oh shit, can you peeps read that?

in no particular order, it says:

    1. my fingers aren't really this fat, i swear!
    2. <3 the bee
    3. is this an easter egg or what?!
    4. i swear this is a turkey beak.
    6. what i can only assume is some sort of cashmere sweater.
and since it's not thankgsiving without a collage, i now present to you, The Bee's Best Thanksgiving Day Photo Collage That 2009 Could Possibly Offer Ever:

Hope you kids like it.  I like it.  That's all that matters, really.  As long as I'm happy.  But did I miss something?  Shout it out, if I missed something superdooper huge.  I think I got it all.  I think. 

And before you people get all "but where are your family and friends!?" on me, they know what pertains to them.  They know.  I don't really love big basses for the hell of it, people.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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