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How Could I Forget!?

There is one video that came into my life this year that has absolutely changed my life, completely and 100% for the better, better than anything else i've ever, ever, ever seen ever.

I can hardly walk into my parents' house without someone yelling "whoa! woooooow! whoaaaaa!  oh oh! wow!"

We Bees love our internets, so I'd like to send out a whole thanks, on behalf of the Beehive this Thanksgiving season to the Whoa Lobster baby for always be there to cheer me up and make me laugh even when i have The Miserables.

This kid makes me want some children of my own to dress up in Hawaiian shirts and videotape their introduction to live crustaceans.

I'd embed that shit if i could, but it's been disabled, so go hobble and gobble on over to the youtubes and enjoy for yourself.

Also, major thanks to J for bringing this delightful thing into my life.


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can i's touch it?