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Sunday sucked. I'm pretty sure we can all agree on that. I'm also pretty sure my mother had tickets at the club level and didn't invite me to go or even call about any pregaming festivities. Thanks, MOM. We didn't want you on our cornhole/baggo team anyway :(

I'm sure the idiots on WIP have been vomiting up reasons why the Eagles didn't win all day and night since Sunday afternoon. I'll bet it goes something like this: "Kevin Kolb should not be starting, hell, even playing, in a big league like the NFL." I cannot count the number of texts and emails i got that were along the lines of "Garcia would've won this game." It's a pretty topical debate, this QB issue. And then toss Vick in there for some happy holiday stew.

So blame whomever you want. Blame Kolb, blame Reid, isporticus is blaming Donovan. But I know who to blame. I know exactly who to blame. It's not the wind or the celestial powers that be or any quarterback who is or is not wearing an Eagles jersey. It's Turkey Hill.

Yes, Turkey Hill. The Office Ice Cream of the Philadelphia Eagles. Where were they this Sunday? I've had Turkey Hill Eagles Touchdown Sundae cup every time I've been down at the stadium. Sometimes, I have two. On my way down to the game this past Sunday, i got the disturbing text: "Can't find any touchdown sundaes! This is sadness!" sent at 12:15. Low and behold, I couldn't find those precious, delectable, free samples of ice cream anywhere either. Sadness, indeed. At that time, I had no idea the gravity and severity of the missing ice cream. You can't just be going about, changing up game day rituals. That's insanity.

How can we be expected to win, when we can't even find a sundae full of touchdowns?

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Kirsten said...

well put miss bee. extremely well put.

my research to provide background for this article sadly yielded nothing other than caloric content for said touchdown sundae. which, was totally NOT the point.