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Ain't No Toof-fairy Up In Here

I guess I can't really be too pissed off about someone (coughcoughUSPS) stealing Doogie's Christmas present in December. I mean, at least it wasn't something REALLY important, you know, like teeth. Poor Laperriere.

As an aside, I feel like vomiting all over the world every time I see that Soles For Souls outtakes video because all I can think about is how completely disgusting it would feel to have your teeth knocked out by a fucking puck. I really think I can't write much more about this because I am going to hurl all over this desk.

Also THIS:
"When you're 20 years old and you lose some teeth, it's OK, now you look like a hockey player. But when you are 36, it's not so cool."
I'm going to go with "not-so-cool" all the time. My freshman year boyfriend once had his teeth knocked out from him and his friends throwing hangers at each other. We were 18. Right. Not so cool.

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MODG said...

um yeah. no teeth is never cool.