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Oh, hello old friend! Oh, look at you, you're such a mess, you little blog, you.

you're all covered in dust and nobody's looked at you in months. poor thing, comb your hair. you look like you just rolled out of bed. frankly, you look a little like how i feel. let's agree to not channel courtney love, shall we?

it's been nearly a year since i moved back to the philly metropolitan area. almost to the date. september 20th, if i can recall correctly. so, hello year moving anniversary! let's reflect! hip hip hooray! reflection time! and what a perfect time for reflection, too, no? it's anniversary time, autumn equinox time, and i'm about to start 30 days of yoga at the Dhyana studios.

i was really excited about this yoga stuff for the past few days. really excited, until today. today, when i started to plan out my month of yoga classes in my google calendar. i've already noted three days where i'll have to do some home yoga practice in lieu of getting to a class. i've already noted that i can't possibly make ANY morning classes and still get to work on time. i've already planned a week of classes. and i'm about to cry. i'm completely overwhelmed. i'm worried that i can't do it. i'm worried that it'll hurt. i'm worried that my head will pound for days and i'll cry and won't be able to sleep and be totally exhausted and that the demons and toxins in my body will scream in agony as i exorcise them out with practice. i'd almost rather keep the crazy locked up behind bars in the cell of my body. strike that, i WOULD rather stay crazy and full of toxins; it's easier. i'm just that weak. but i've made the decision. i've told my friends. i can't not follow through now.

so naturally, i did the only thing that made sense and i googled it. read some other people's blogs about their bikram yoga 30 day journeys. it didn't make me feel better. i still have a headache. i still want to cry a little bit. i think i'm just going to go eat lunch instead. which stinks because i totally forgot my leftovers in the fridge at home. it's also particularly stupid of me because there were two options and they were both good (1. sam's market tomato pie or 2. palace at the ben chicken cashmere). boo. double boo.
actually, i lied. the only good thing about reading other people's blogs on 30-day bikram challenges are that those crazies were doing BIKRAM for a month. 100+ degree rooms filled with tough-as-nails teachers? screw that.

photo stolen from upi.com. whoops.

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Shelby said...

Welcome back, Miss Bee! It's just one sun salutation at a time, darling. 30 days from now you'll be wondering why you didn't do this sooner. Glad to have you back in the blogosphere, always glad to have you in my life.