a suburban-city girl stumbling her way through central PA.


walmart condos

overheard in the bloom walmart on sunday (the lord's day!)...

near the health/beauty/pet supply area (i was looking for doggy chew toys and mrs meyers hand soap) a mother, her daughter (rough age estimate? early 20s) and her daughter's newborn are walking with the baby's daddy.

the girl says, "and condoms, we have to pick up some condoms."

the boy says, "oh hell no. we are not buying condoms."

girl quickly responds, "well, unless you want another one of these," gesturing towards the babe, "we're getting them."

and the mother/grandmother says something like, "yes, yes, condoms."

the boy continues to assert that he is not wearing condoms and than asks granny, "now let me ask you a question - do YOU still use condoms? no, no. i am NOT wearing a condom. no, never."

grandmammy finally said, "fine. you stay here. we're going to get them and we'll meet you right back here."

lay down that law, grandmommy!

at this point, i decided i had followed too closely behind them for far too long already to attempt to stick around and hear the ensuing debate once the ladies returned with their shopping cart full of rubber. sad. i do so wonder how they will ever convince him to wrap it up.

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