a suburban-city girl stumbling her way through central PA.


i find myself here - three, three, and three. three weeks, three days, into phase three.

job, family, friends, all seemingly coming together. it's like i never left - mom does my laundry, dad cooks, i take the train, i still get bored at work... only difference is that i've cut out all that idle blogging and dcist commenting to nearly zilch on the company clock. i guess you should do that at new jobs, while you're still on probationary period. or something.

which is good for career, bad for blogging.

so my sincerest apologies, darling readers. if you have given up in the past three weeks, hopefully you all have RSS feeds.

i promise, i'll write something of vague substance tomorrow. i have been watching the train conductor try to hey-girl-hey a train rider for the past three weeks. nothing like a little R2 train romance to breathe some life back into this bee.

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